Origin: Sweden
Status: Dissolved

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This Malmö duo's only album* was recorded in Gothenburg in the early months of 1973 with the helping hands of a large choir and eventeen prfessional musicians, including Claes Palmqvist (Contact), Igor Janco (Röda Lacket) and the Spotnicks duo of Bob Lander and Björn Thelin. The latter also produced the album in conjunction with Änglabarn. The Swedish-language lyrics have standard
hippie concepts like love, life and dreams and go well with the richtly textured and atmospheric sounds.

The album also includes their interpretations of four poems written by Dan Tillberg's grandmother Anna Maria Nilsson. The single contains non-LP tracks and doesn't have the lush orchestrations of the album. In 1979 Tillberg released the solo album "Gatstenar" on his own Bellatrix label. It featured Swedish versions of songs by the Rolling Stones. He recorded a similar album of Bob Dylan songs two years later
and then scored a few hits as a pop singer.