Current line-up:
Adam Lundqvist - Guitar
Mattias Ottosson - Bass, Vocals
Joakim Olsson - Drums

Origin: Sweden
Status: Active

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Formed back in 2011 by Mattias Ottosson and Adam Lundqvist, the goal for Serpent
was not difficult to understand. Sick and tired of both the new-"metal" scene and the
overly pretentious retrohipsters, the boys commenced in a series of jamming/drinking
sessions in the metropolis Mjölby, located in the east part of Sweden. Playing hard
rock with a monstrously heavy, blues-laced beat was the goal then, and it still is.
Although these sessions resulted in both a full album and an EP, it was not until they 
joined forces with Jocke Olsson, a hard-hitting drummer with roots in both heavy metal
and other types of music, that the powertrio we now call Serpent was born. The year
was 2013 and the band had now relocated to Vänersborg, since all three was born and
raised there.
The chemistry was obvious. The first tracks of what would become the album
"Nekromant" started to take form, as well as the gritty, honest and heavy sound of the
trio. During the fall of 2013 Serpent conducted their first live gigs, and soon many more
followed. After many chaotic gig-weekends (and a few broken bones) the trio had
become a powerful live act with solid tracks and a confident sound. A new album was
In the spring of 2015, Serpent along with their trusted sound engineer Charlie
Johansson entered Studio N3 in Trollhättan, Sweden. A couple of days later
Nekromant saw the light of day for the first time, a collection of the best and most
powerful songs the trio had written during their time so far. A collaboration with
Transubstans Records was initiated and the band is now more ready than ever to bring
their heavy blues-metal out to the people.